"I am responsible for my own well-being, my own happiness. The choices and decisions I make regarding my life directly influence the quality of my days."

- Kathleen Andrus

How do I access the service?

Group work from the Art Therapy Taster Session. August 2018



Face to Face Art Therapy Referrals are accepted from Organisations such as schools, hospitals, care homes, and personal private enquiries.

Children must have permission from a carer before a referral is made Private referrals must have a G.P or care professional before a referral is made.

Skype Art Therapy This is popular for busy people, and with people who simply want to take part in Art Therapy at home. The client and therapist may be many miles apart, but the technology brings them closer together! How does it work? Please contact me with details of your issues for self-referral. I will reply via email/phone/Skype, to arrange a time for you to meet online for a first consultation. My contact details are on the contact page on this site. In the first consultation session we get to know each other, you have the chance to talk to me about your reason for referral, you can ask me questions about the therapy and then we will decide if and how we continue from here. Depending on the situation and the reason for referral we will meet once a week for a session. Online art therapy is offered in English

Therapy may not always feel positive as sad memories, unhappy or frustrating feelings tend to come up. This is normal in therapy and I will listen to you and guide you through this process.

What equipment do you need? You need a computer and Internet access. The software that allows you to make video calls can be downloaded for free at Skype.com. It is very simple to set up and it works very well with a good Internet connection. If you have a build in web-cam and mic on your computer you are all set but if you don’t then you can purchase a simple webcam and a headset and attach them to your computer via the USB port. You need to have a table or an easel where you can make your artistic work on, also the camera needs to directly point at that.

What art materials do you need? The art materials can be as basic or as elaborate as you want. Pencils both colour and sketching can be used. Could you save money and borrow some from a friend? Watercolour/acrylic/poster paints in basic colours. papers of different sizes, plasticine of various colours (even make your own play dough from online recipes) Make sure you have the space to store your art work and that you wear protective or old clothing to prevent staining from the materials.

Worldwide The online art therapy sessions are dependant on an Internet connection and can be accessed anywhere in the world. I am based in London so the mutual time for your sessions should work for both time zones. We communicate in English How long does the therapy last? Each online session lasts 50 minutes and takes place once a week. Sessions can be worked out to suit you in your first consultation. Payment and fees Payment for your session is required prior to each on-line session. Secure payment options will be emailed to you. I use PayPal and you do not even need a PayPal account. One 50 minute Skype session costs £50 My contact phone number is 07762782114



GP details (Therapy will NOT go ahead without contact with your Doctor)

Consent forms which will be emailed to you, and you are required to print, sign and photograph and email back to me.

Online Therapy requires a device such as a computer, tablet, with camera and sound. Also, a working internet connection  

Softwares, such as Skype or Hangouts 

An ability to pay online via PayPal 

Regular and punctual attendance (I reserve the right to terminate sessions if I feel you are not benefiting from them)


You are totally in charge of and responsible for your own life, your own healing and your own creative journey.