About Art Therapy

Before you make that call to me….


Please use your favourite search engine to find out about courses on Art Therapy and on volunteering opportunities, as I do not offer both. I do not offer courses in Art Therapy of any kind.
All sales and marketing calls will not be answered/declined and all unsolicited sales text messages will be reported and blocked

Art Therapy Inquiries: 07762782114 www.creativityfromwithin.co.uk  Thank you

I no longer respond to text messages if they are not about art therapy sessions.


The internet has a lot of information about art therapy now.

Also text messages alongside ALL electronic communications are not secure. Bear this last fact in mind before you send me text messages.
If you wish to train as an Art Therapist in the UK. Please search for the universities online that offer the course
The university staff will provide the most up to date details of what is on offer and are better placed to assist you in your decision making
Many Thanks