Art Journalling

Making My Photography Light Box

In order for me to take decent pictures of my art journal, I have made a photography light box.

A box can be purchased quite cheaply from reputable photography retailers but I would like to use things I already have in my home!


It would be great to hear from you about your experiences and share knowledge.

Comments are more than welcome!


My Helper and Supervisor is Scribble, my cat!

What I used

Tape (duck tape can be used too)

Scissors, craft knife

Pencil and ruler

White tissue paper (or thin white cloth)

Various background colours and textures

And not forgetting a cardboard box

The size of box required depends on the size of the items. Plenty of room is needed around the item so that the lighting is adequate to take a decent picture

What I did


I proceed by marking out 3cm (4cm at the base) with my pencil and ruler


These pictures show that I have scored the cardboard with the craft knife (a Stanley knife can be used)

I removed the unwanted cardboard and the top and sides are now exposed

I cut the paper to fit the holes I made in the box. I then covered the gaps with the white tissue paper and secured the paper to the box with the tape


I used the tissue paper as an example as a backdrop on which my items to be photographed can rest.

I also left the cover flaps on if I need to block out light from the front

I will be using different textures and colours as backdrops

Lighting can be positioned either side and the top of the box. The tissue paper will filter out the harsh light and help produce a better photograph of any item placed in the box

The box can be used outside with additional lighting if needed.

I will be opening this post to comments (including photo comments)

It would be great to hear from people who have made any variation of a Photograph Light Box

What worked for you? What could be done better? Tell us!





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