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The Positive Messages from Prince Harry in the Media

Prince Harry ‘in total chaos’ over mother Diana’s death

I am abseloutely delighted to hear and read in the media regarding Prince Harry and his opening up about his extremely painful and bruising feelings to a therapist surrounding the death of his mother when he was 12 years old.

I am delighting in the fact he decided to look for help outside of himself, and be open about it.

Feelings definately need to be discussed openly and honestly and without the fear of being judged.

He attended therapy sessions and has been public about it. He is sending important messages that it is ok to look for help and take that help. It is ok to talk about things that upset your soul. The Prince is sending a message that there should be no stigma in reaching out.

He has been brutally honest about his situation regarding not talking about his feelings, blocking them out, basically. But this does not work. He made that very clear. He took the time out for himself to go to therapy and lay his life bare to the therapist, who held that safe space for him to express what ever he wanted to express, over a specified set of time. If he needed to return to his therapist, the door is open for him.

His messages to us are very powerful and very important, It is good to talk. It is good to let it out. It is good to let things go. It is good to have that safe space to just BE.

It is good to have that confidentiality from his therapist, who must not discuss the details of the sessions to anyone but his care team if need be.

If a Royal Family member can be bold enough to tell the therapist (and subsequently the rest of the world) of his troubles, this should be a comfort to anyone wishing to go to therapy that the help is there.

It is ok for men to talk. It is ok for men to reach out. it is ok for men to just BE.

If you feel that words are too much, try Art Therapy. It is non-verbal with encouragement of discussion.

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I am more than happy to hear about how you feel about Prince Harry and his bold message to the country about feelings and the expression of them to someone else.