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Art Therapy Taster Session in August 2018


I am looking to facilitate an Art Therapy taster session in the second week in August 2018 . It will be in the afternoon. (exact date and venue to be confirmed)

Art therapy groups are a helpful way to explore personal and group themes.

In a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential space, participants can paint and reflect together.

This is an experiential group, so just turn up to give Art Therapy a try.

Materials and media will be provided

This session is totally independent of any other organisation.

It is free to attend. It can give you an idea of how to use Art Therapy in a group setting.

There is no fixed time to arrive or leave the session.  The time limit will be within the three hour slot I will be providing

Please let me know if you do not want photographs to be taken of your creations in the session.

The images will be used for promotional purposes only.

I will offer a photography consent form in print on the day of the session.

Please do not name the front of your work, to preserve confidentiality.

You can take your creations away, or I can safely dispose of it. I will not keep your work after the session has finished.

This an Adult (over 16) Art Therapy session. Please do not bring your children as there is no creche provided. 



Important. If you wish to come and experience the Art Therapy session, please bear these points in mind.

  • I would like to stress that this taster session or any session after this is NOT a pre-cursor to going onto further education. I will not be answering questions about studying as the internet can be a very good and reliable source of information.
  • You will only be disappointed by my refusal so please don’t ask.
  • I will not provide references to say you have attended the taster session to boost any application for further education.
  • The onus is upon yourself to make the appropriate connection to the registered institutions who offer the Art Therapy course.
  • I do not offer volunteering or employment opportunities.