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My Quick Questionnaires

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Hello everyone

I have compiled a number of quick and easy questionnaires on Social Media

They have no end date, so please feel free to fill one out at your leisure

There are links to the questionnaires on my blog and main website

All feedback is greatly appreciated as they give me an idea how to reshape my services

If you have any questions on my questionnaires, please contact me on social media

Kind regards

Monica Gobourne

Art Therapist

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Taking Responsibility 

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In life, you can blame a lot of people and you can wallow in self-pity, or you can pick yourself up and
say, ‘Listen, I have to be responsible for myself.’

 Howard Schultz 


About Art Therapy

Before you make that call to me….

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Please use your favourite search engine to find out about courses on Art Therapy and on volunteering opportunities, as I do not offer both. I do not offer courses in Art Therapy of any kind.
All sales and marketing calls will not be answered/declined and all unsolicited sales text messages will be reported and blocked

Art Therapy Inquiries: 07762782114  Thank you

I no longer respond to text messages if they are not about art therapy sessions.


The internet has a lot of information about art therapy now.

Also text messages alongside ALL electronic communications are not secure. Bear this last fact in mind before you send me text messages.
If you wish to train as an Art Therapist in the UK. Please search for the universities online that offer the course
The university staff will provide the most up to date details of what is on offer and are better placed to assist you in your decision making
Many Thanks

About Art Therapy

Just a reminder…

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Please only contact me regarding Art Therapy Sessions only

Courses, Volunteering and Placements can be searched for using your favourite search engine.

Due to the amount of text messages I have been receiving I will no longer respond to them, if they are not regarding Art Therapy session inquiries.

I have blocked several phone numbers including one today. Please can you read this blog post before you send texts or make calls about volunteering opportunities. I do not offer any.


Art Journalling

My Art Journal

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Hello everyone

I have decided to create an art journal. I have made it from scratch from binding colour paper pages together. My journal will be an interesting insight into my own processes as well as stretching my imagination. I will post some of my entries here on my blog.


Art Journalling is where you creatively pull together art and words in a book form. It can also be a board, or on fabric.

It is best described as a creative diary. You can make the journal as beautiful or as messy as you like. There is no right or wrong way to use your own journal. It is the journey and your heart processes that is the most important part. The finished product is usually second. But there is nothing stopping you from developing your ideas from your heart work in your journal! Mood boards are similar things in industry, so you can go ahead and develop your ideas from your journal.

You can rediscover your creativity or simply have lots of fun! You can document good and bad times creatively in your journal. You can scribble or test out your ideas too. Like a diary, you can keep your journal private.

There are so many Art Journalling ideas in books and on the internet. Nature is a fantastic place to go for inspiration as nature is free to access. A simple leaf has lots of details to inspire you! You can test out new found art techniques in your journal. Design your motifs or logos or anything you like! It is all about yourself and the direction you wish to take your journal to. You need not restrict your journal entry to flat ideas. Sensory ideas like collage or pop ups can be used in a journal.

Explore different papers and other materials in your journal. Aromas can be added too! There is no limit to your imagination. Photography and magazines or old books can be cut to fit in a journal. Mix your media! Or simply use one thing! It is a cheap way to get creative with your life. It is an individual book where you have total control of what goes into it.

Cheap materials such as pencils, paints and paper are easily accessible on the high street. Build on your toolbox with adhesives, scissors of different types (tearing paper and fabric has a lovely effect)


You are your own boss when it comes to using your journal. You don’t need lessons or tutors or guidelines. It is not about perfection. You can make your journal about poetry or songs or letters too. Collection of objects placed on pages bound up is not a new thing. Scrapbooks have been used for years! Your collection can include anything! Receipts from your shopping trips can become art in your journal!

How you organize yourself will help you with creating your journal. You don’t need an art studio space. Just a small area to store your materials. You can make an entry to the journal as often as you like, you can concentrate on one page or revisit another. You can leave pages unfinished. You can take pictures of your entries and alter them and add them to your journal. How you structure your journal is totally up to you.

I would love to see your journal entries!

Please when it comes to comments on others art work, be mindful that there is no right or wrong way to make a journal. It is a personal process and it has taken a great deal of courage and confidence to share their inner world so publicly. Please be respectful of each others creativity as no two people work the same.

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