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No Art Experience Necessary

No experience of art is required, and no special artistic ability; there is no right way of doing it. This is also good for people who find it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings verbally. Safely use the media in any way you would like.


Therapy with other Therapists

If you are in therapy with another therapist, please let me know. We all work differently and it is best that you either continue with your original therapist, or, start a new relationship with me.

It is not advisable to have therapy with too many therapists. There are many different techniques that are used in art therapy and knowing which one to use at what time is one of the art therapist’s toughest jobs.

Because each case is unique and each client is different, the Art Therapist must custom fit the art therapy for each individual client.


I do not tell people that you attend any Art Therapy session or art group.

Your G.P. or your health professional will have to be notified. You can tell anyone you attend, if you wish.

Confidentiality is not absolute and there are circumstances in which information can or must be released. Check my confidentiality page for more information


To protect your privacy I do not post or disclose testimonials. Psychotherapy is a very private matter, it is up to you if you wish to make testimonials about Art Therapy with me


Payment for Art Therapy must be made on the day of service.

Skype or online Art Therapy is paid for before the session begins.

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Attendance and Timekeeping

Attendance and timekeeping are important to us. Please let me know if you are unable to attend in good time. You will be charged for the session otherwise. If you arrive late, you will be charged for the full session. I have a page dedicated to attendance

Storing of, removal and discarding of art work

I follow The British Association of Art Therapist (BAAT) guidelines for the timescale of keeping notes and art work.

All record keeping and art work is stored confidentially and secure. This is within requirements of the Data Protection Act (1998). I also follow The British Association of Art Therapist (BAAT) guidelines for the timescale of keeping notes and art work.

Online Art Therapy: I will email a permission form for photographs of your work, for supervision purposes.

If you wish to have your wok at the end of therapy (Individual and Group face to face therapy) , you can do so. If you wish for it to be destroyed or you wish to discard of it, again you have that choice.

I will ask for permission to either photograph the work or take it to my supervision.


Art Therapy will end when you think that enough has been achieved for now or when you have reached the end of the agreed maximum number of sessions.

Endings can bring up a variety of feelings within you. Ending therapy can be explored using art-making. Your care providers will be notified of your Art Therapy sessions ending




Please only contact me regarding Art Therapy Sessions 

Courses, Volunteering and Placements can be searched for by using your favourite search engine.

Due to the amount of text messages I have been receiving I will no longer respond to them, if they are not regarding Art Therapy session inquiries.